Infinity : XXIV Ring | Yellow Gold

By 2018년 10월 16일 No Comments
There was a question mark before we create this collection ‘Why isn’t there a jewellery for day and night, or matchable with our outfit whatever we wear?’ This curiosity brought us into this amazing piece of jewellery.
It’s designed hexagon shape, each 6sides have its own speciality with Rough Diamond, Pearl, Lettering, Polished, matt, and 12 Christal cubics. So you can wear 6 different moods of ring any occasion. Feel the various moods in ONE RING every day.


Sort |   Ring
Size Available |    15 to 17
Ring Colour |   Yellow Gold
Stone Colour |  Mesmeric Silver White Flat Pearl, Rough Diamond, Brilliant Christal Cubics
Stone Size |   Special Size for each side
Material |   Sterling Silver with 18k yellow gold vermeil
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